Thursday, December 29

A Tour of the National Tree

Last year we stopped by the National Tree, so we did it again this year (I love traditions!). Each state submits ornaments decorated by residents of the state. The ornaments must fit inside these 4" clear globes that are placed on each state tree.

The Nebraska State Tree for most of our family.
Nebraska Tree

The Washington State Tree for mom and dad.
Washington State Tree

The Kansas State Tree for Christine and Paul. However they don't live in Kansas, they live in Missouri. I get confused with the whole Kansas City thing. This is not the first time I have made this mistake either. Epic Fail!
Kansas Tree

This first picture of the White House and both of us. Yes we have lived here for over a year, no we don't stop by everyday.
White House

Poor Menorah was over by its self with no decoration or visitors. You couldn't even walk within 100 yards of it.
Menorah and the National Tree

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