Friday, December 30

Christmas Eve

Christmas just isn't Christmas without snow. We tried our best to get into the Christmas spirit but when you walk the dog in a light jacket, the lights inside are not twinkeling.

We put up a little tree this year, ever thankful for the space to allow such fun, gotten from road-side-stand about three blocks from our building. After Thanksgiving we leashed up the dog and headed out. It was a funny walk back with Regis scared of the 'thing' nestled on Scott's head and shoulders.
The Tree

On Christmas Eve Day we baked a ham, made home-made cheesy scalloped potatoes, buttermilk biscuts and green beans. It was fantastic; we are leftover all weekend.
Christmas Meal

This Christmas I made sure we had tickets to the National Cathedral's Christmas Eve service. (They must be reserved online around the begingin of November!) The service was a tad too long for my United Methodist soul. One can only sing so many verses of Silent Night.

Christmas Eve Service at the National Cathedral

Merry Christmas from the O'Banion's!
After Christmas Eve Service
In A Blessed But Snowless Christmas

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