Tuesday, December 13

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I just finished this book; it was so good I couldn't put it down, fumbling through all 273 pages in less then two weeks (a record for this slow reader).

In the book Kristen reflects on the first year, as she and (then fiance, now husband) Mark started a 500 acre horse-powered farm from scratch. The author is soft and whimsically taking you on the journey and adventure. I found myself so enthralled with the slaughter of an animal, the potato planting or sugaring the sugarbush (which apparently is a grove of Maple trees that will produce many hundreds of gallons of raw syrup), reality would jerk me back in with the honk of a horn or the ding of the stop request on the city bus.

Mark, the husband, grew up farming and living on the land. He and his 'magic circle' could live off from nuts and berries found in the woods only to stumble upon a farmer offering him food and shelter. This is his 'magic circle'; he has faith that everything will work out for the greater good. He believes in not using plastic, using all of the animal and fixing/re-fixing/re-re-fixing machinery until it works well. He reminds me of my Grandpa Leonard; always thankful for what he had, content in not wanting.

Kristen is my kindred spirit, or at least I hope I can live up to her spirit. She knew little to nothing about farming and managing a CSA to support a family and farm; however her soul wanted the adventure. When her body said this is enough, her soul pushed on. I don't think Scott and I will be starting a full-diet CSA anytime soon, but her determination is admirable and can be applied to everyday life.

After reading the book, my soul is even more anxious to be without traffic and people. Settle down soul, be patient and wait for the plan.

So if you are looking for a book that inspires you to grow a garden or take a leap, this is the one! 

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