Sunday, December 30

See, I am already better!

Well this past week has been a doozy, I mean how many hours can two people sleep, eat their brains out and watch an entire series on Netflix! Oh the humanity!!!!

So as DC goes we all usually have the week between Christmas and NewYears off as congress is not in session, but this year congress is in session...and we still had the time off. For Scott this means drawing, stoping into work once a week and drawing some more. For me this means watching episode after episode of Scrubs, thinking that I really should get up and do something.

I am an avid believer that the dawn of the new year is the prefect time to clean out the closest. We have two very large bags of clothes that will be making a trip to a local church, our caned goods are all well within prefect freshness and our medicine will do the trick without causing further problems. Can you believe I still have the Wal-Mart brand antibiotic ointment that my mom gave me before college?! I actually have the receipt too as its in the heat pad case.

This week we have done a ton of cooking:

- 9lb turkey
- giant pot if mashed potatoes
- stuffing
- green beans with mushrooms
- pecan pie (this was all Scott)
- leftover turkey pot pie with cheddar biscuits
- jalapeƱo-bacon cream cheese dip
- Aunt Mary's chex mix
- my moms apple dip

I am pretty sure our dish washer has seen more action this week then it ever had before.

Well I am off to sew (wink, wink)...

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