Wednesday, December 26

I will be better in 2013....I promise!

Well much has happened since I last threw-up the pre-Sandy picture....

....I (with the help of my wonderful co-workers) hosted 250 people at the National Conference for Rebuilding Together in Orlando
....Scott started a clothing line call Sadistic Skott which will make its debut at a tattoo expo in a few weeks
....Scott had his second 'Open' show at Corcoran, which was very well received
....I traveled to New Orleans to do some prep work for our Super Bowl build called Kickoff To Rebuild
....I accepted some additional projects at work as I celebrated by 6 month anniversary
....we walked a five foot Christmas tree the three blocks home, set it up, argued over how to achieve a perfectly straight tree (I won) and sipped cider as we decorated the home for the holidays
....Scott also completed his 5th semester at Corcoran
.....and he finished his first issue of the web comic The Pugilist
....we thought about buying a house in DC, talked with a realtor and realized that that remains a dream (these prices are astronomical!)
....we celebrate Christmas with a feast for two and by opening presents with the whole family on goggle hangout

....we have been busy as life keeps ticking away.

I have set a reminder for a weekly update on Sunday. With the iPad I really have no excuse!

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