Sunday, January 27

You Know That Moment...

...when you are finally feeling crafty enough to break out the cutting/embossing tool your sister got you for your birthday, the moment you sit down the smoke detector starts to chirp. Not the 'OMG FIRE' kind of chirp, the annoying change the battery chirp. And now not only are you annoyed, but your dog has gone into a trembling fit that only sitting on your lap can solve. You remove the battery, the chirp remains. Now you are just pissed. The dog has now messed up your craft, causing you to ruin the H and I cutter things. The front desk claims it isn't an emergency, I say the dog would beg to differ. The husband suggests covering the speaker part with cotton balls and duck tape. This muffles the sound enough that the dog is satisfied under the bed and you can resume your craft. Never happen to you you say, of well then come on's just a normal Sunday in my world.

These past three weeks have been down right zooish (it's a new word, go with it). On the 4th Scott had his wisdom teeth removed. Normally a pretty run of the mill surgery, but with Scott's age and since it was his first ever surgery the recovery was pretty slow and rough.

The next weekend Sadistic Skot made its debut at a local tattoo convention. The success was less than ideal but we learned about about the brand, tattoo culture and Scott did get a lot of interest in his personal design work. He is currently working for a client, if you can call it that, on creating a logo and images for a jewelry company.

The weekend after that was inauguration. We avoided the crowds as best we could. When you live in DC those big gathering of crowds happen so often that if you miss one another is two weeks away; one can get little jaded. Scott had to work Sunday so took in the craziness then. I babysat for old friends on Monday night, so I pushed my way to the metro as the masses where leaving downtown. The blue line below marks the parade path, just so the dippy band leader doesn't get lost.

Between all of that Scott started classes, I took on yet more responsibility at work and Regis slept.

Tuesday I am off to New Orleans for our big Super Bowl event. I will be wrangling 200 volunteers on 10 house projects while coordinating the marching band, BBQ teams and making sure all the press is happy. Sounds like a walk in the park!

Until the next moment I have a chance to catch my breath.

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