Monday, December 12

Sad Day for Ruby

About a month ago I was working on Ruby, my computer an Apple..Ruby...Red Delicious..get it?, and I started to hear a clicking under the keys, and then the spinning wheel of death appeared. I screamed out loud, whole electronic soul was about to disappear. I tried to shut her down with no luck, I finally took out the battery, hopped on Scott's computer and made the first available appointment with the genius Mac doctors.

We carefully escorted Ruby into the store to discover that in fact her hard drive had disintegrated into thousands of little pieces. At this point I said a little 'Thank You' prayer to the makers of Flicker for allowing me the comfort of knowing that most of my photos were safe on someone else's server. We were told that we could pay $100 for a new hard drive and have Ruby's body up and running within minutes. OR We could fork over $240 to verify the hard drive was the only problem. OR We could put that money towards the new desk top we are saving for.

We chose the later, so now we are a one computer family. Scott needs the compter in the evenings to do digital illustrations for school; so it is just me and the dog chilling out. At this point I would like to say that I have gotten more reading, sewing, baking, cooking, crafting, anything done but the sad truth is that I have just gone to bed earlier.

In the end it's not so bad only have one computer, but I now know that we really do need a new mattress.

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