Saturday, December 31


As of late I have found myself outwardly comparing my life to those of high school and college classmates. Every once in a while I would catch myself and think, I never wanted to be them at the time of our friendship why would I envy them now?!

This is mostly a reflection of my desire to live an organized life and my hesitation to accept the fact that this journey is, and will be, far from organized. I talk about how life is constantly moving in this post, while that thought remains true my bigger anxiety falls into the 'college-marriage-job-babies-happily-ever-after-societal-pressure'. In my life, it just isn't going to work out that way. There is nothing I can do to make that happen and to be honest, I don't want that to happen right now.

So to excape one avenue of this pressure, I resolve 2012 to be a social-media free year. I shall log-off from Facebook for the last time this evening. Good bye Facebook, see you next year!

*However I will continue to blog, displaying projects I create, ranting about work, raving about Scott, you know the usual.* 

In Accepting


stephanie ahl... said...

way to go, Miss Victoria!

Victoria N. H. O'Banion said...

Thanks Steph! Happy New Year to you.

rebpuls said...

Love your blog!!! I am very impressed with your 2012 resolution. I should do the same! Glad you are striving to just be you☺ Hope you and yours have a fabulous year.
God Bless, Becky Puls