Sunday, September 4

Some Very Exciting News

On Friday I received some very exciting news, I was offered the Senior Events and Outreach Assistant position at the DC Bar Association (not for beer, for lawyers). I had interviewed with them a few weeks ago while Mady was on vacation. The interview went well, in fact they brought me in for another interview later in the week. I was nervous though because of the amount of applicants; I was told they had two week worth of interviews!

I start at the DC Bar in a few weeks and will help Mady's family find a great replacement for me in the mean time. The next nanny will have mighty big shoes to fill :) I will miss spending my days with the little Miss but I am excited to move forward in my career journey. I am anxious to get started planning and organizing, my two favorite activities, events for different groups/sections within the Bar (all the lawyers who practice family law are a section, health law, etc). The outreach part of my position is finding venues in which the Bar can offer a speaker or make contact with a population. For example, hosting a discussion regarding estate planning and wills at a retiree luncheon.

So that is that, much more happened this week but I will write about that in a different post.

In Exciting Opportunities

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