Thursday, September 8

Peace River Blue

Last weekend we had a hurricane. While the damage of Irene was great, it didn't turn out to be the catastrophic disaster everyone thought. From our 8th floor apartment, it just looked like a strong wind storm. The only weird part, for us anyway, was that it rained for almost 24 hours without any lighting or thunder.

So what do good ol' Nebraskans do during a hurricane...

New Wall Color: Eclectic and Bright

....they paint their living room Peace River blue.

New Wall Color: Eclectic and Bright

We wanted something warm and bright that just made you smile. I think the couch color really compliments the wall, now we just need to find a overstuffed reading chair.

New Wall Color: Eclectic and Bright

The mirror was a present from my parents, the table was bought in Waterloo IA, the frames hold special memories, the bike...well has a name badge on it and the wine rack was bought a Miss Pixies for a steal. Speaking of Miss Pixies, she is going out of business! Apparently the rent got too high but really the city is beginning the gentrification process on her street and her building will be torn down soon. This is one way gentrification can be bad, very bad.

What do you think of the color?

In Bright Beginnings.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!- Christine

Lea said...

Love it too!