Saturday, August 27

What A Week

There are things you never think you will experience growing up in Nebraska: earthquakes and hurricanes. We are the lucky ones, the chosen, who get to experience both in one week! How fortunate?!

The earthquake on Tuesday wasn't bad but defiantly startling. Regis and I were at home on the 8th floor. Regis noticed it first, then the knockers on the doors in the hall started rattling, I looked up and we were moving not the trees, I grabbed Regis and headed for the floor in the closet. This all happened in about 15-20 seconds. We swayed, just like you see in footage of tall buildings during earthquakes. Regis and I spent the next 30 minutes sitting outside, not really knowing what to do. We only lost a few glasses that had been put on the shelf just 24 hours prior.

With the earthquake behind us, Scott and I went to Bethesda (a suburb) on Friday to use a gift card my dad had sent us. The lunch was great; it was a French bistro with great bread and scrumptious desserts. When we got back, out metro station was on fire. Yep, we got off the train and could smell burnt plastic (Scott recognized the smell from his childhood. Apparently he burt his plastic toys in the backyard for fun. Boys!) As we went up the smoke got thicker, turn the corner and bam six firefighters with the hose out. The station manager said that the wires in the escalator were smoking. So we had to walk up the 200 foot escalator through a cloud of plastic smoke. Our noses burned for a while after that.

Our hurricane survival kit includes a bucket (if we loose water we have to go to the pool house and get water there to plum the toilets), plastic tarp, batteries, flash lights, cans of tuna and most importantly wine!

Regis hasn't stopped trembling since Tuesday. He doesn't eat much and is your constant shadow. Poor dog but there really is nothing we can do. If it gets bad there is always that wonderful little pink pill that knocks him out.

It's starting to rain, the winds are picking up and the sky is green. If I didn't know better I would say we have a tornado on our hands. Something that I fully understand how to deal with.

If/when we loose power we will turn off our phones and update everyone via email. We have four devices that can send one email to many. Hopefully this doesn't get as bad as it's predicted, my "weather" stress level is pretty high right now.

Until later, we hope!

In Trembling Dogs

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