Tuesday, August 23

Humbling Thought

I have always had an interest in homelessness and addressing the root causes of the epidemic. In college I organized a service learning spring break trip to Washington DC (and now I live in the city) that focused on understanding homelessness in our nations capital. DC has one of the highest homeless populations per capita in the United States. We learned about how education, health care and housing laws affect this population.

Also while in college I met a man from Boston; he was a friend of the campus chaplain. He was homeless and making his way across the states. Being the Editor In Chief of the school paper at the time I took the liberty to again highlight the situation of thousands in our nation. I wrote a large piece about how this man lost his job for saying no to his boss, fell behind on rent and was evicted. His car was towed from the lot behind the grocery store where he had been staying. Within a few months of standing up for himself and not wanting to work 80 hours per week he found himself homeless.

I must admit that since living in DC I haven't done much to advocate on behalf of the homeless population. I did volunteer at a play group for children living in the largest family shelter, but when work increased my opportunity decreased.

I am inspired by a colleague of mine whom I met through the UMC. She is a bold and courageous women attempting to truly understand a seemingly voiceless population. Please read her story and think of her as you make the next Target trip, click confirm on the next online shopping spree or toss half of your lunch.

In Gracious Thanksgiving

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