Wednesday, August 24

It's Official

We are officially DC residents, with ID's to prove it. With our birthdays recently Scott and I made independent trips to the DMV in Georgetown. I had heard that the line there can be long but I never imagined I would wait in line for 45 minutes to get a number! Then to wait for my number to be called for another 2 hours to get the dang thing which took all of 15 minutes. Scott had a very similar experience, he does not like lines and waiting at all.

Scott wont let me show you pictures of the ID's; he is afraid that our identities will be stolen and he is probably right. So you will have to take my word that the pictures aren't pretty and reflect the frustration of waiting.

In Never-Doing-That-Again-At-Least-For-8-Years


Lea said...

Hahaha...I liked the part when Register bolted out the door and kept running and running, anyway. Lovely home, looks a lot more spacious than your last place. The color choices will brighten up the place and cheer it up. Wonderful to hear you made it through this past week! Love the view! PS I would have had plenty of wine in my survival kit as well! Love you!

Lea said...

PPS that was supposed to be a comment with the apartment tour video...just saying.