Sunday, August 21


A few weeks ago I was getting ready for work when I turned the corner into the bedroom and saw Regis licking his paw with blood all over. He had somehow snagged his dewclaw (there were pretty long and this is pretty much Scott/my fault), it was rough and bleeding.

I trimmed as much as I could, leaving a jagged nail half on and half off. It stayed like that for a week with little problem.

After a nervous night of storms Regis had virtually licked it off, Scott helped him with the final thread. This left the nail very raw, picture the pink part below the white part of your nail exposed. So we did what any parent would do: put neosporn (?sp) on it, wrapped it and taped it. To our surprise it doesn't bother him and he pretty much leaves it alone! We change the bandage every few days and are seeing improvement.

In Mending Paws

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