Sunday, August 14

Berry Picking

Madison and I are sad, our very best DC friends are both leaving us in a few short weeks. Madison and I met Matilda and Ellen, charge and nanny respectively, at a swimming class last November. We instantly hit it off and have been hanging out ever since.

The girls have became good friends. Mads (Matilda's word for Madison) and Tilda (Madison's word for Matilda) have spent countless afternoons at museums, parks and pools over the past year.

Matilda is moving back to Philly (she was just in DC for one year why her parents tried to save our economy) September 1 and Ellen is back-packing through New Zealand with her husband for six months then moving to who-knows-where.

As our last big hurrah Ellen and I took the girls blackberry picking at a nearby orchard last Thursday. We all had a blast!

I know that I am going to miss Ellen; who will listen to my nanny rants and totally understand?!

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