Monday, July 11

So Here's Some News

Remember when I said this "Portland was great. We really fell in love with the city, it is much more on par to who Scott and I are as people. We have decided that Portland fits our interests and career focuses better then DC. With Scott's acceptance to an outstanding school, we have chosen to move to Portland August 1. Yes this might sound a little crazy as we moved from Nebraska to DC not even a year ago, and to be honest it is crazy, but we strongly feel that this will be better for our us both for our current state of mind and future interests." in this post Purple Mountain Majesty Part 2.

Well....some things have changed. About a month ago Scott was offered a job at The Corcoran Museum where he attends school. It is a maintenance job doing odds and ends; he has been working for them all summer and are impressed with his painting and carpentry knowledge. At first we didn't give it much thought but soon realized that along with the income would be benefits and free tuition. After two weeks of sitting at home searching the internet for jobs and housing in both DC and Portland, making a ton of phone calls and running the numbers hundreds of times...we decided that although we want to move to the West Coast it makes more financial sense to stay in DC while Scott finishes school.

That being said, we had already tuned in our notice to our current landlord (plus I can't live in a studio much longer). After a few hot days of pushing Mady around in the stroller looking at apartments we chose a beautiful one bedroom with a deck and views of the National Cathedral. The building is in a nice quiet neighborhood where Regis will be able to run and play in grass, there is a nice pool and gym on the property and they offer a shuttle to the metro in the mornings/evenings.

Scott will be working full time and going to school part time for the first semester. We think this is the first time someone has worked for the school and attended, so things are a little gray. Scott feels like he could handle a full class load but the dean must be nervous because they are restricting him to two classes.

So that's it...that's the news. We are staying in DC, though moving to a different apartment at the end of the month, and Scott is going to school and now working for The Corcoran Museum. I continue to nanny but now we actively search for a more career focused position in DC.

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Rev Steph said...

Sounds like a great plan!

Victoria N. H. O'Banion said...

Thanks Steph. I think it will work just fine.