Saturday, June 18

Purple Mountain Majesty Part 2

The Columbia River Valley is full of different landscapes.

*Please ignore the bug covered windshield in the foreground.

For example there is this:

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Which seems pretty dessert like. It reminded us of the rolling sand hills in Nebraska, just bigger.

Then suddenly you are shaded by the massive trees of the forest.

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And then right before Portland is this amazing waterfall.

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Portland was great. We really fell in love with the city, it is much more on par to who Scott and I are as people. We have decided that Portland fits our interests and career focuses better then DC. With Scott's acceptance to an outstanding school, we have chosen to move to Portland August 1. Yes this might sound a little crazy as we moved from Nebraska to DC not even a year ago, and to be honest it is crazy, but we strongly feel that this will be better for our us both for our current state of mind and future interests.

We currently have housing and are actively looking for employment. I would really like to develop a career centered around event planning and feel that this is the time to start that journey. While I enjoyed being a nanny, I would much rather be raising my own children. I could go on and on about nanny woes but I wont bore you (message me if you want details!).

So between now and August 1 we have plenty to do. The current running list is as follows:

  1. Sort the piles that have grown in our studio
  2. Secure transportation to Portland (we are thinking a camper or SUV through Canada)
  3. Host my foreign exchange 'sister' from 5 years ago for a few weeks (Hi Irinia)
  4. Notify current apartment building of move
  5. Box everything up
  6. Take a huge load to Goodwill
  7. Visit the mountains here one more time 
  8. Oh yes, JOB SEARCH
No I wont be busy, no I don't get queazy just thinking about that list...i'll be fine :)

Now back to our Spokane trip. See you at Part 3

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