Sunday, June 5

Purple Mountain Majesty Part 1


That is the only word that can describe our past week. With my nanny family out of town for the week and Scott out of school for the summer we decided to take off and enjoy the West coast. With my parents in Spokane it was a two for one deal.

So last Friday (May 27th) we loaded up the suitcase, gave Regis a benadryl and hoped in a cab heading for  Reagan airport. Getting into the terminal was much easier then expected with Regis, he is such a good travel companion. After we got on the plane was a different story. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for about three hours, the whole time the flight attendant was demanding that Regis had to stay in his kennel. He was hot because we were only use one engine and the air flow wasn't the best. Finally his benadryl wore off and he was done. A very similar experience to dealing with a toddler right before they crash for an afternoon nap. So we shoved another benadryl down and then they deplaned us! ....45 minutes later we are scheduled to fly out from Dulles the next afternoon. :( Worst part is that we are flying into Seattle not Spokane, the only flight to Spokane isn't until Monday. We could fly standby the next morning on a flight to Denver, then standby again from Denver to Spokane.

Eight hours later, now Saturday, we are back in the same cab that took us home our our way to Dulles airport attempting to get to Spokane by night fall. We actually made the standby on the first flight but didn't want to risk getting stuck in Denver so we opted for the direct flight to Seattle. We had called the vet to make sure we wouldn't overdose the pup on benadryl (1.5 pills every 8 hours is the max), gave him another and bored the 5.5 hour flight. Thankfully my parents picked us up in Seattle and we made the 5 hour journey across the state. We didn't make it by night fall, but we did make it to my parents just as Sunday was showing her face.

We spent Sunday enjoying my parents rental farm, walking the trail in Cheney, exploring downtown Spokane and ended the day at a winery overlooking the Spokane River.

Trail in Cheney by my parents house

Monday morning we borrowed my parents car and took off for Portland. I will post about that experience and the rest of the week soon.

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