Sunday, April 10

Yoga Bag

Scott and I have been aching lately. It's a combination of stress, heavy bags and not enough sleep. So we went to yoga last Sunday. It was amazing despite our "You made us late" loudly spoken words as we ran to the class. We didn't miss much and luckily we grabbed the last open floor spots. We would be going back today, except I volunteered to work for a friend whose 21 birthday was last night. We will be back next week for sure. The ability to just be while stretching your body and relaxing your mind is a spiritual practice that I desire.

Like any crazy crafter, I realized that I did not have a proper yoga mat carrying case at about 6 p.m. last Saturday night. So I brought out the sewing machine and laid out a blue and purple zen-like patterned cotton print. I didn't have a pattern, so I made it up as I went. I think it turned out very cool. The only thing I would change is a pocket on the inside lining.

Like after every craft I make, Scott suggested I start selling them. I would love to start a business like that, I just don't have the capital to start nor the proper working space. Maybe in the next life :)

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