Monday, April 11

Cherry Blossoms

I have always heard the the Cherry Blossoms Festival was pretty, but that is an understatement. It is breath taking! There are so many pink little petals floating in the sky that it feels like you are swimming in cotton candy. However, if you don't like crowds this is not the place to be and you should just plant a tree in your backyard. Seriously the crowds were awful; we didn't have to wait for anything but there never was a chance to take a photo of yourself and only you with a tree, someone else was always in the background. This could be because we went on a Sunday though. If you come to DC for the festival, see the blossoms on a week day and find a tree far far away from the paved path.

Some nice guy took a photo for us. Thank you stranger!

Peek-a-boo I see you.

A classic Washington Monument shot.

There are more photos of the blossoms on our flicker site, check it out! We have been learning more about the camera and getting some cool shots lately.

In Awesome Blossoms

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