Tuesday, April 5

The Great Photo Switch

So lately my computer has been shuffling her feet, complaining that she has been feeling pretty full. So after months of ignoring the problem, I decided to fix it. I spent all weekend uploading photos to a Flicker sight, I haven't made a dent. Poor computer having to remember so much information, I promise I wont ignore you ever again.

I found hiden treasures like this one
Holdrege/Kearney 2007 from Kearney. We used to frequent 'Bristas' so often that they knew the whole families order.

How about a little Seattle action Seattle Fall 2007 I visited my friend Libby and her now husband Ben in the fall of 2007. Yes, that jacket is actually my sisters. I 'borrowed' it when I went to Seattle and really never gave it back.

How about a reminder that the rain could always be worse IMG_0658 This is a picture of Old Main on the NWU campus. It is tremendous and gorgeous.

So that is a little sample of all the goodies that I have uploaded. I continue to add stuff daily, it will take me probably all week to finish. So go and explore the photos of our adventures.

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