Tuesday, April 19

I Have a Silly Dog

I am home today from work. After watching two toddlers yesterday my boss gave me the day off!

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and watching last nights news when I spied Regis doing his morning routine as well. He must not have noticed that I was still around and thus went on with his daily rituals. He brought every single toy, bone and sock out from their little cubby corner and placed them in the middle of the rug by the couch. He then circled them a few times, gave them a good sniff, picked up the big bone and hopped up on the bed. Now he has gone back for the stuffed fox. He must feel that each toy deserves an equal amount of play each day. How Diane Hatterman of him (Hi mom)!

Regis Got a New Coat

Now he is checking the house, giving it a good once over with the ol' sniffer. I would like to think he is trying to pull a Lassie and save us from a gas leak or something...but he is probably just looking for crumbs or bugs. 

In Silly Puppy Rituals

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