Monday, April 25

Ocean Fun

We headed out early Saturday morning for a weekend of fun and relaxation. The city can get you in a rut and there is only one (well actually quite a few but hey) way out...the ocean. Regis didn't care where we went, as long as he was riding in a car.

Upon arriving at Delaware, Scott turned to me and said "Oh yeah, I think they have a lot of outlet malls here or something." That my friend was an understatement! Hundreds of outlet and factory stores piled up and down the very road we needed to take to get to the beach. We stopped for a stretch and power shopping, Scott and Regis gave me an hour. Well what to my amazement did I find but the whole loot of stores were having an additional 40% off special. An hour just wouldn't do for this gal. We hit the good ones: Ann Taylor, Coach, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Nike, Champion (for Scott), Waterford and Old Navy. There were more that I could have gone to but two boys were antsy to see the ocean.

Then two boys suddenly realized that the Atlantic is actually cold.

Doesn't this look poetic. He wasn't a fan of kids with kites, so we had to do some coaxing.

Best photo of the whole weekend.

After an hour at the beach we were ready to check into the B&B, but check-in wasn't for another hour. Scott had seen a restaurant called "Crabby Dicks" The food was decent, but the fun part was how they played with the name in the menu. Crabby Dick's Balls= fried crab balls You get the idea.

The B&B was fantastic. Regis was more then welcome, doggie treats and all. There was a section of grass gated off for dogs, a wrap around screened front porch and the room was cozy. Everything we needed to rejuvenate. We headed back to the outlet mall for some more 'must haves', picked up a bottle of wine and fancy cheese and headed back to the rocking chairs on the front porch. Great evening!

Sunday we went back to the beach. It was perfect weather, 85* with a light breeze.

We went south a half hour to another beach (Ocean City, MD) but the weather had changed and the wind had picked up. We didn't stay more then five minutes. Our drive home was short (3 hours max). The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is big and pretty and scary. The tint on the windshield made this photo look pretty cool.

And that my friends was the best weekend we have had in a long time. We might be taking more of this 'weekend escapes' soon. More on that later.

In IMG_0999

P.S. More photos of the weekend can be found by clicking on this (it's a link, hehehe).

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