Thursday, March 31

Stressed, Sleepy and Slightly Sour

That pretty much sums up the last two weeks in our household. Scott has been busy with deadlines, projects and whatever else he does. I don't really know, it's on his desk some where. He is submitting writing in a small competition at school; the pieces are really great and I have tons of confidence in him.

I have been working like mad. Come this Saturday, I will have worked 20 days straight (a gross first in my life). So basically I get up, throw a pony in my hair and head to the metro, spend the day entertaining a cute 16-month-old (who learned to walk this week after a whole morning of practice!), ride the metro home, eat supper/dinner, check emails/blogs and fall asleep while Scott and I watch an episode of something on hulu. I am pretty worn out and my body is starting to hate me. I think it is time for a change.

I have pretty spring decorations up and would love to show you...BUT my computer is acting silly and wont load the photos. I think she may need to see the doctor. As soon as I can I will get those up for your viewing.

In Rainbows After Storms

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