Monday, February 14

Love Is All You Need

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Scott and I both had busy days today. Between my generally busy Monday's, his generally busy Monday's and completing our tax return filing thingy in-between it all we are pooped.

I have been meaning to post about Scott's new desk and computer. I will do that this week, I promise.

But for today, I will be content with a post about love.

All the other blogs I read have been posting the story of how they met their love, all very romantic and heartfelt. So I will jump on the bang wagon since I know I at least have one follower :)

November, 2007: In Lincoln, among other cities, the art galleries stay open late and have hors d'ourves on the first Friday of the month. As a natural planner, I sent out a mass text to all my friends saying, let's get together before and grab super then hit the galleries. Out of that mass text I got one response, Taylor and I could always count on my sister's best friend Lea to tag along. So it was Lea, Taylor and I. Taylor was to meet Lea and I at her apartment. What we didn't know, is that Taylor felt uncomfortable with the two girl one guy ratio and had invited/pressured Scott to go along. Apparently Taylor knew Scott who lived in the same building as Lea (are you following this? Lea, Taylor and Scott all knew each other but I only knew Lea and Taylor separately.)

So, a few minutes before we left Scott decided to join us. He threw on pants and headed out the door to jump into my car. He says that he knew he liked me the moment I turned on the car and NPR was on the radio. For me, it was the way he flirted with me over an NPR conversation on the walk to the restaurant. We ate at Bread & Cup (which doesn't mean anything until later). We walked around downtown looking at art. My hands were cold so he grabbed one and shoved it in his pocket with his as we crossed the streets. We went back to his place and talked the night away over wine. The next morning we had breakfast at Russ's (a grocery store chain). And that was our first date.

We dated for about a year and a half. Things were great. I graduated from Wesleyan, he started school at Southeast Community College, I started my first full time job, he managed an after school program. In May 2009, we decided that we had enough tax return money to buy an engagement ring. We (mostly Scott) designed my ring at a local jeweler. It is an uncut diamond, held in a vine. I had no idea the ring was finished, when Scott took me to Bread&Cup for lunch. He said that we should start eating there often so I wouldn't know when he was going propose. After our meal, he reached into his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The whole patio exploded with cheer and the owner brought out champagne. (See the significance of Bread&Cup).

We planned a wedding for June 19, 2010. Pictures and memories of the wedding can be found here. Bread&Cup catered, they do hold a special place in our hearts.

In August 2010 we moved to DC. Scott has always wanted to be an author and illustrator. The Corcoran College of Art and Design offer a great program in Writing in the Arts. Scott is basically majoring in writing and minoring in illustration. He has a great Christmas poem/story ready (well almost ready) for an editor and publisher (does anyone have any connections?) and plenty more in his creative mind. Every day when I get home, he says "Can you listen to this?" and rattles out another story or catchy poem. I am super jealous of his creativity. He would make a much better crafter then I.

We don't really know how to take 'normal' photos.

So that is the story of how we met and our first three years of life together. Here is to three-hundred more love!

In Perfect Love

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