Monday, February 21

Bitter Sweet

Our beloved Dorothy is no longer with us. She carried us through our move out here, our trip to Kansas City from Lincoln and many other journeys. She brought Regis home and even picked up my engagement ring with Scott. She was steady and true; she will forever be missed and none can replace her. Dorothy I hope you make your next family as proud. Stay true to your Nebraska freedom and all will be fine.

I was a pretty sad camper when I signed over the papers. Just as fast as we bought her, she was gone.

Scott wasn't so sad, more practical.

Poor Regis doesn't even know it happened. Don't tell the rental car company, but Regis is riding in their car and not in a box! I can't deny the dog his second favorite spot in the whole wide world.

Life wont be much different without a car. We will have more money (goodbye car payment and car insurance!) We will just have to rent a car and plan our trips better. The funny thing about today was that since I had the afternoon off and Scott had the day off, we were going to drive up to Baltimore. Scott had allergies and didn't want to travel...the guy we had been working with to sell the car offered us a low price, we went to the dealer to see what we could get and...BAM the car was sold and we weren't going to Baltimore.

I still owe you a picture of Scott's desk. I promise promise promise I will do that this week. I know you are just dying to see it:)

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Diane said...

Sorry about Dorthy I know that you will miss her. Tonight someone almost cut me and the Eagle off and that would have been the end of her. She is at the shop tonight because she is making a funny noise and I would let her die. She has been with me a long time. mom and the boys