Wednesday, June 23

And for the first time on this blog...Mr and Mrs O'Banion

Well the past few weeks have flown by. Annual Conference followed by the wedding leaves for tons of confusion and unanswered calls. Here are some photos of the ceremony and reception. The professional ones are to come.

We had diner with Scott's mom, boyfriend Richard, sister Erin, our friends Jordan and Whitney, my sister and brother-in-lawish Christine and Paul and my parents on Friday night. We ate at the Blue Orchid which is a Thai restaurant that is in the same building that the reception was held in.

Christine and Paul got engaged in March of this year and are planning a May 2011 wedding.

This is where we had the reception. It was so elegant and lovely, just what we had in mind. Those are rings behind our names, not cheeseburgers.

This is a picture of the reception hall all decorated before the guests arrived. Scott and I served each guest their own individual strawberry shortcake made with fresh local strawberries.

Doesn't Scott look so cute in this photo. I love the way he is adjusting his tie while looking out the window.

I think I have dopey eyes, I just never got that 'sexy eye' thing. The dress is vintage. We found it in Washington DC last October when we went to look at Scott's school. It was a size 18, but we got it down to size.

I am not sure exactly where this is in the ceremony but the whole thing was just lovely. David did such a good job of creating a place where we all felt love and spirit rein down onto the park.

Again with the creepy eye. My mom caught me mid glance to Christine. Were where listening to Jordan and Nat play/sign a lovely song.

And the ceremony is done and we are out. Scott arranged for us to be picked up in a 1934 Rolls Royce. It was pretty sweet!

We surprised everyone with a choreographed first dance. It was pretty cool and we couldn't have done it with out the help of our dance instructor Emily. We danced to jazz, swing, hip hop and everything in-between. The video of it will be posted shortly.

Well that about sums up our wedding celebration. We had a blast and want to thank all the friends and family that helped us celebrate. We have a lot on our plate the next few months but I will try to keep everyone up-to-date on here.

Also I will feature some of my tasty creations with the leftover food. Last night we had two different types of meatball subs, green beans and crustinis toped with cream cheese, garlic paste and olive paste. Ummmm!

In Happy Back To Normal Whatever Normal Is

(It wouldn't let me deleate this photo. Sorry)

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Rev Steph said...

thanks so much for the post! great photos, great couple, looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!