Thursday, February 24

Scott's Desk As Promised

A few weeks ago, we found the perfect desk for Scott. We had been looking for something for a while, mostly just checking stores when we were in the mood. But about a month ago, Scott got his own computer (a marriage saver if I do say so myself) thus he really needed his own desk to make a home for his growing amount of clutter on my desk. We were looking for something long and narrow to fit in the space at the foot of our bed. One morning we went to Miss Pixie's, the best vintage store in town, and fell in love with our dream desk. It is perfect!

It is about the size of a normal desk BUT it also has drop leafs on both sides that are about a foot and a half each. The desk can basically be whatever size you want it! It is a beautiful maple color but the tags inside say it is mahogany. Does mahogany come in colors other then mahogany?

It's a really study piece of furniture and has these funky cool legs. I think it looks mid-century, which is my favorite!

Scott has successfully moved all of his clutter onto his desk. If something is missing, it is generally lost under this mess. I really couldn't operate in that environment, good think we have our own work areas.

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Diane said...

the desk looks great. great working space for scott. love the wood color and detail work. mom and the boys