Sunday, January 30


I think I am going to like Sunday's. Scott spends all day studying and then works in the evening; thus the house is quiet and there is a feeling of purpose in the air. This weekend Scott has memorized the whole continent of Africa and I have finally finished Regis' letterman jacket. Yes, I did make him a letterman jacket (more of that later).

After catching up on the blogs I follow I was inspired to decorate for Saint Valentine's Day.

A simple heart garland adorns our big window. Scott helped me cut out the hearts and then I sewed them onto ribbon that we used for the wedding. I plan on keeping the decorations I make this year and reusing. I really like the idea of being able to tell our children, "Dad and I made this when we lived in the studio on 16th street."

And a tissue paper heart for the front door. It really is a heart, though it doesn't look like it in the photo. The base of the heart is cut from the cardboard disk in the frozen pizza box waiting to get recycled. The tissue paper actually came from a local store today (We had a failed attempt at finding a desk for Scott but did find a pretty cool beer mug that will make a great pencil cup on that desk.) The ribbon was a $1 find at Michael's. Have I mentioned lately that I miss Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Crafting in the city is kinda hard without those big stores so close.

And here it is as promised, Regis' new coat. I used the same pattern as his older plaid jacket, just modified it a bit (learning from my mistakes). However, I just can't seem to remember to sew the cuffs on before I sew it together. The opening is just too small for me to sew a decorative cuff so the rolled up look will have to do. I felt that good ol' letterman flair suited the color; he now is a bouncing tennis ball on the sidewalk.

Just as I was finishing up the jacket my machine started acting funny again. There is something wrong with the bobbin, I have taken it in once and I guess I will be heading back again. It sewed the whole jacket just fine and then it started making a clicking noise. Why am I telling you this....I will let you know the progress later.

In Blissful Days

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Anonymous said...

Willow has put in a request for a jacket but only when she is full grown.