Saturday, January 29

My Sewing Machine Is Back

....and we have a date tomorrow. Scott has work in the late afternoon/evening thus Regis and I have the house to ourselves. I can not wait to snap photos of Regis' new coat on him, it's going to be electrifying.

Scott got a computer FINALLY. He is pretty much in love with his MacBook, I told him to name it and he looked at me weird. Finally we can both work on the computer at the same time. He is currently studying a map of Africa. He has to memorize all the countries and locations for an art history class.

Also, my email is now okay. I totally freaked out when I saw the problem happening. I am glad that I get emails on my phone, I noticed it before it became a big deal. Nothing much is newsy here. Check back tomorrow for the pictures of Regis' new coat!

In Sewing Dreams

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