Thursday, February 3

Everyday Moments

Today, as Mady and I were walking home from a lovely coffee date with a great friend, I became aware of three daily moments in my life that I am completely in love with. These are just simple things that make me happy and bring me bliss. Here's the list:

  • I am who I am/what I wear. This morning as I was getting ready I tried to make my outfit 'fancy' by adding a belt or flower and it just wasn't working. I realized that I am pretty plain and I am okay with that. I like my solid colored sweater and same jeans that I have been wearing all week. I like planners (well not just like, dream about planners) because I like order and plans. I like to be solid and true, sometimes to bluntly, just as my clothing. This is who I am, if who you are is reflected in your clothing that is. However, I don't always wear plain colored clothing. I add flowers and belts every-now-and-then and that is me too. I guess I am more spontaneous then I give myself credit.

  • There are many colorful people in the world. Everyday on my walk/ride to work I hear many people saying very bizarre things and wearing unrealistic outfits. The glimpse of conversation often goes something like this: "Yu' don't be telling me nunna dat bull shit, who paid for dat recording time and got duw place ta sleep?" I could go on, but it would be best to now associate a person with that vernacular. Imagine a heavier set woman, about 40 years-old, shopping for laundry detergent at Target, bluetooth headset enabled. She has long mangled hair and smells a little fresh. She is, like most women in this town, wearing jeggins (a gross combination of leggins and jeans) that appear to be painted on. Her coat is a cropped metallic black puffer, unzipped to show off her craves of cleavage shimmed into a neon yellow tank top three sizes too small. (Please be reminded that we also have winter and it is about 30ish this day). To be honest, I don't know what she was wearing for shoes. I was blinded by the neon and quickly scurried out of the isle. This is just the example from yesterday, everyday has a character.

  • I am so in love with this guy: He just brings a smile to my face every day with his random text messages, confusing artist words and creative messes. He's perfect and I love him for it.

In Happy Daily Moments

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