Thursday, May 6

Morning Crafts

Yesterday morning I had one of those mornings where you hate everything in your closet. "There's no color." "It is sooo boring." "Nothing I like is clean." So...I crafted. I had been wanting to decorate my duds as 4-H would call it. I made a flower stencil, traced it on two scrap pieces of fabric and sewed it on with a button center all while my hair was drying. Ah, life couldn't have been simpler.
Regis had the best bubble yesterday and I captured it on film. When we go on walks he tends to drool and it forms a bubble. Most the time they pop before we got home, but this one was a trooper and stayed on until I snapped the photo. Regis wasn't too thrilled, but I sure was.

In Non-Photogenic Puppies.

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