Thursday, May 6

Paul's Goodbye

Paul left for Canada and then later his great tour of the Mid-West via pick-up for MacDon (I am not completely sure what they do, but it has something to do with farming and Paul wants to work for them when he graduates in December.) To say good-bye to Paul and happy birthday to Christine we all went out to Zen's in downtown Lincoln, parents and all.

I love how happy Paul looks in this photo and how much of a creeper Scott looks like.

The best photo of the town of them and Josh jumps into the background.

We don't photograph well together. Either one of us looks good and the other has a goofy face.

At the airport saying our good byes. Paul will hopefully make it to Christine's graduation but will be at our wedding for sure. After that Scott and I might not see him until we come home for Christmas/Jason's wedding.

In Farewells.

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can you crop josh out??