Monday, May 17

She Did It-She Graduated

This past weekend Christine graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University. It was a perfect day, despite the prediction of rain. The school even moved the ceremony inside (rather then in a large green space on campus) due to the rain, which was a no-show.

The day consisted of a celebration at James Arthur Vineyards (pictures yet to come), baccalaureate, another small reception just for supper and then the graduation ceremony.

The building behind Christine is Old Main. When our Great-Grandma Mary went to school at NWU, she would have taken classes in this building.

One of the great traditions at NWU is the "Final Walk." When we begin school, we are escorted by the bag-pipe player through the arches onto the campus, and when we graduate the bag-pipe escorts us out through the arches into the world to share what we have learned. Christine is in the right of the picture. Since she read at baccalaureate she was close to the front of the processional.

Mom and dad are pretty sad that this is the last NWU event. They have really loved being on campus and would openly adopt any freshman according to mom.

Paul made it to town for most of the day! Christine was pretty happy to see him, too bad he was only here for less then 24 hours.

In Happy Congratulation.

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