Saturday, December 26

Snow Days = Baking/Craft Days

So we have been snowed in for two days and it is looking like it could be three. We have made a rule of minimal television; so books/comic books, Netflix, baking and crafts are keeping us busy.

Here are the Peanut Butter/M&M cookies we made yesterday.

Today we scooped out our driveway. We had 8" of snow, and it is still snowing!

Scott had gotten me slippers for Christmas, so I thought I would jazz them up with a cute bow.

Here are the slippers before.

The ribbon I used. I just tacked the ribbon in the middle of the slippers only going through the top layer.

Ta-Da. Regis is helping me show off the finished project.

Since it looks like we will be snowed in again tomorrow, I think I will make a new tree skirt for next year or maybe the felt bag I saw in MSL.

Happy Snow Day!

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Anonymous said...

you should get a life...Miss. Crafter.