Friday, December 25

The Past Few Years-Present

For documentation purposes, and the humor of our future children, here is the past few years in a nut shell.

We meet in November 2007 at an art gallery walk event. One could say that it was love at first sight. We began dating almost immediately and have been together since. I moved into Scott's apartment at the end of the semester. Living at 1111 H Street was...well fun and distracting. I graduated from Wesleyan in May 2008 and started a job at the Beatrice Daily Sun two days later. A month later, I had quit to take a position at Saint Paul UMC as the Director of Adult and College Ministries. I loved my new job; I could walk to work, had great flexibility and though I didn't know it at the time, it would challenge me in inconceivable ways. Scott began taking college classes at SCC the fall of 2008 and really began developing his career path. He also began working at a middle school after school program.

Life went on.

We moved to a larger apartment across town.

We adopted the most adorable Boston Terrier, Regis.

Now we are planning our wedding. The BIG day is June 19. We are truly excited for this day; however we have been living 'as a married couple together' for a while so the day is more of a time to gather our families and celebrate love together. The day will be fabulous, after all I am planning it.

These are the stories of our adventures. The good and bad of course. We promise to keep you keen on the what/where/how/etc.

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Carrie said...

Oh Victoria, how I've missed you! "The day will be fabulous, after all I am planning it." :-)