Thursday, January 7

I said it, 'A HomeMade A Day For A Year'!

Okay this is it, my commitment to a HomeMade a day for a whole year. (As a disclaimer, this does include a homemade supper from scratch and steps to a larger project. I.E. work on a quilt, knitting, etc.)

So far so good.

Scott and I were at my parents for New Years/Christmas. As you can tell from the picture, a 5 hour car ride can get a little dull.

I made a cheesecake (my first) at my parent's home on the 1st; began a knitting project on the 2nd; continued the knitting on the 3rd. The project I am working on is a 3-button wrap using a deep green wool, it's gorgeous.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of baking since we are stuck inside due to the Arctic temperatures. My parents gave Scott Blood Orange Olive Oil for Christmas, so naturally I googled. I found a recipe for brownies. There were amazing, tasted like the orange shaped and flavored chocolate Santa brings you. Last night we had this yummy pizza for supper.

It was Fontina cheese and arugula, mmmm.

Regis has been uber cute these days; I think he is confused on why we are always home these days.

Well knitting, sewing, baking and crafting await me (along with a wedding, possible move and a brand new garden!). I'll keep you posted.


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