Monday, March 26

Weekend Eats

Last weekend I wasn't feeling very motivated, so I just made pasta carbonara with Parmesan chicken. For dessert I made a lemon cream pie, wowzers was it tart!

The pasta recipe was found in an old issue of Real Simple (my addiction) and is pretty simple. It's just pasta with a parmesan based sauce. The chicken was just coated in a flour Parmesan mixture and cooked on the stove top.

The lemon cream pie recipe was found in this months Real Simple (told you I am addicted) I also Pinned it so if you follow me over there take a look. The recipe was pretty simple. I had never made a cream pie before but figured it couldn't be too hard. Pretty much just like cheesecake: mix, pour, bake and wait. The pie turned out fairly tart so next time I am going to cut down on the lemon zest. The recipe would work with limes or oranges too.

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