Thursday, February 2

Valentine Garland

Christine V-Day

A few weeks ago, my sister Christine and I Skype-Crafted. (Like that? I just made it up.) We spent a Sunday afternoon chatting and crafting for Valentines Day. Christine made this; I rolled with her paper heart idea to make something slightly different.

Paper Heart Garland

Step 1: Cut 1 inch strips of red, pink and white construction paper.
Step 1

Step 2: Cut them to the lengths indicated. 
Step 2

Step 3: The first staple, layer the paper so the white paper is between the red and pink. Make sure the longest paper is closest the the white.  
Step 3

Step 4: Line them up and staple. There should be 5 layers for this staple. 
Step 4

Step 5: Bend the red and pick strips down to meet the base of the white strip. Notice the long strip is now on the outside. 
Step 5

Step 6: Gather both sides and staple at the bottom.  There should be 5 layers for this staple.
Step 6

Now run a needle and thread through the top of the white strip and hang where desired. 

In Craft-Bonding (Made that up too!)

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