Saturday, July 30

It's Moving Day

If life hasn't been crazy the past week I don't think I could handle a crazy week. Remember the last post about my lazy week?....Last Friday I went back to work and ended up working 81.5 hours between then and yesterday. My boss had emergency surgery that Friday night, so I had Madison all weekend and 10 hours during the day.

This is all on top of moving prep! My amazing husband saved my life by packing in overdrive last night. He also cleaned the kitchen! I love love love him (not just because he cleans)!!!!!!

Our new address is:

3401 38th Street NW
Apt 805
Washington DC 20016

We are loading up the U-Haul today and un-loading it tomorrow, it is spending the night in the parking garage of our new place. In the meantime here is a link to the property web site. The eighth picture down is our living room.  I will post pictures next week after we have a chance to set up.

Wish us luck!

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