Monday, June 20

Purple Mountain Majesty Part 3

When we got back to Spokane mom and dad had plans for us, a trip around Fish Lake in the canoe.

Canoeing on Fish Lake

We had fun. The dogs had fun.

Canoeing on Fish Lake

While my parents were out on the lake I snapped a few shots of Scott jumping for fun. They turned out awesome!


Check out flicker to see them all.

My parents farm stead was a retreat of it's own. I loved waking up to the trees blowing in the breeze and the mama birds singing a tune.

Sunset at the Farm

My parents are enjoying their time on the farm. Mom has been tending to the chickens and protecting them from coyotes while my dad is learning about peas and beans.

Good chickens...we like eggs

Northwest Pea and Bean Company

Each of those bags contain 1,000 pounds of dried split green peas to be shipped to third world countries as part of a USAID program (or something like that).

With that our relaxing trip to Washington state came to a close. Our flights back were flawless, thank the Lord. We got back to DC on a Saturday evening and hoped back onto a plane for Christine and Paul's wedding Thursday morning. Not much more then sleeping, laundry and work happened in those few days. More posts to come....

In Gorgeous Spokane

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