Thursday, May 19

Move 2011

In 2010/11 every member of my immediate family has moved!

We started the trend by moving to DC in August of 2010. We moved so I and Scott could start school. I was going to get my masters and Scott his bachelors. Well I chickened out, but Scott just competed his first year at Corcoran College of Art and Design. He has enjoyed his professors and actually doing what he loves everyday. I on the other hand, have been a nanny since we moved. I had hoped to find more career driven work shortly after we moved but the DC market isn't treating me too well. More on that later.

Christine and Paul followed with a move to Kansas City in February of 2011. Paul was offered a position at MacDon, his dream company, as a marketing professional. Christine was then offered a position as a director of a child care center at a domestic violence shelter. They are in love with the city and their dog Willow is in love with the backyard.

Finally my parents made the trek from Waterloo IA to Spokane WA a few weeks ago. So far they have moved into a small farm house that they are renting month-to-month while they determine their next move in housing. My dad was offered a position at a co-operative farm system as the CEO. Since the crop in Washington state is much difference then Iowa and Nebraska (beans, flour, etc vs corn, soy beans, etc) he has a little learning curve, but leave it to my dad to find the part of learning as the best yet. Mom is setting up home this week, she is waiting for her state license to process and then she will be back hitting the tiled floor of assisted living centers helping patients get back on their feet and walking through physical therapy.

So there you have it, we move a lot in this family. Hopefully everyone will stay put for a while, I am getting lost in all the address changes.

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