Sunday, May 8

Happy Mothers Day

New Years Eve 2009

That fine lady right there (the one of the left) is the best mama I know. She has always stood by my side despite my crazy adolescent years that seemed to last well into my 20's. She has been my mentor, solid advice giver and point of reason for as long as I could remember. Without you I would not have a passion for crafting, why buy when you can make you would say. Thanks for being there for me mom, I love you so much!!!! ~Victoria

Mom, you are the source of my imagination. You always loved my wild weird worlds. Your curiosity and scrutinizing eye taught me to see the world as it really is, but also how it could be. Thank you for being as you are. Happy Mother's Day mom. ~Scott

....In other news: I wanted to say good luck to these two as they move to Spokane this week. My dad will be the CEO at a co-op that specialized in white cake flour. I smell a white cake with strawberry buttercream frosting in my future!

New Years Eve 2009

In Amazing Mothers

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