Monday, January 3

Massive To-Do List :(

We have a massive to-do list in this household and we are both goofing off on facebook. I was actually checking both facebook and blogs, so that counts as multi-tasking right? We need to figure out how to get everything into carry-ons for our journey home. You see, when we moved there was NO room in the car for our luggage, so it has been living at my parents house which leaves us with no luggage. Instead of buying what we already have, we are going to stuff clothing into our biggest bags and hope TSA is friendly to us.

Scott and I have made a resolution to begin and end the day by saying one thing that we are thankful for or something good that happened that day. So many times the negative can bring you down, trapping you in a pit with a stiff neck from all the tension. That ain't good. In order to live a better life, a stress free life we are going to begin slowly. One positive day at a time!

We are still working on our concrete 'resolution' lists. It's always so hard to nail down exactly what you want to be better/do differently/create.

In Frantic Packing

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