Tuesday, December 28

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Scott, Regis and I spent it snuggled up watching episode after episode of 'Bones' and '30 Rock' They are both available online and we found ourselves hitting 'play next' without even thinking about it. However fun that was the lack of snow was a major bummer. Just a light dusting was all that we got. We didn't get the snow storm that the rest of the east coast got.

Scott has been done with school for the semester since December 19. He seems pretty pleased with his first semester, getting all A's and B's. He is excited to start the next semester though, he has a better grip on 'art school' and feels more prepared. The spring semester doesn't start until Jan 19.

Nothing else is really new in our lives. We did get a very nice camera from my parents, THANKS, so our photo quality will increase. Right now we are not sure what all the settings mean, it's a learning process.

We are excited to travel home next week, but anxious to leave the Rege. A classmates of Scott's is going to watch him. Hopefully it all works out.

See you all soon.

In SnowLESS Decembers

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