Sunday, September 26

Happy Birthday Regis!

Today our little boy turns 4!!! He really has grown so much, personality wise, since we got him in July 2009. So we celebrated his birthday by sleeping in this morning and ordering pizza last night. Happy parents equal a happy dog.

In other exciting news we got a bed (mattress and frame) and internet in our apartment this week.

Regis was/is very excited to have an actual bed to jump up onto. He still longs for a couch but the bed will do for now. My dad ordered the bed from Wal-Mart. Not a huge fan of the store but it worked. Scott and I spent an evening building the box spring/frame combo; it wasn't too hard, actually very easy.

The mattress came in a big box that weighed about 80 lbs. The air was sucked out of the mattress and rolled up, so once you uncut the wrapping it expanded. I tried to video tape the event here is what we got.

It isn't the greatest video, but you get the idea.

Well we are off to get bike helmets so we don't die when we ride through the city.

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