Sunday, September 19

The Big Catch-Up

Whew...we are still alive and thriving in the metropolis of DC. It's been a while since I posted last so I will do my best to catch you all up. Let's start in the present and move to the past.....

Right now I am snacking on some gross onion rings with the worst service I have EVER had. The server didn't even acknowledge me until I told the manager, 15 minutes after I sat down, that I hadn't been helped. And then has forgotten me since. Oh well.

This morning we decided to move the car (a normal Sunday and Monday activity for us due to street cleaning) only to find that our car was not where I parked it. We called the District impound people and they didn't have it. We about shit our pants, our car had been STOLEN! As we were walking to the police station down the block, Scott kept hitting the alarm button on the key thingy hoping that we just forgot where we parked it. Sure enough, the alarm went off. It had been moved around the corner on a street where I would have never parked it. So we called the police to report the crime; someone had moved our car! Nope, apparently in DC after you get a few tickets (I had apparently parked in a tow zone) they tow/move your car for you. After three tickets they tow it to the impound lot. I have NEVER heard of such a thing. Consider yourself warned. Needless to say, it was an emotional morning. We still have the car but do have a $100 ticket fine.

I have taken another job hosting brunch at a very swanky inn on Saturday mornings. It gives me a chance to talk with adults and make some more money. Yesterday was my first day, but so far so good.

Scott is working at a bike store in Georgetown. He is in love! He loves building bikes and thinks he could make a career out of it. He is not so sure about the selling of the bikes, but is getting the swing of it. He works there on Monday mornings, and Friday and Saturday days. He is enjoying meeting new people and tinkering around.

I love the little girl I nanny. She is so easy and such a doll to play with. I have had another boy, 3 years-old, for the past couple weeks. I could take him or leave him. The additional pay is nice, his attitude is not. He is a little prince and I don't tolerate that at all. He also has some tummy issues which means I am actually changing dippers on both kids, which SUCKS. To make it worse, his mom called in the morning on Friday before he came over to tell us that he has lice. Thus I spent Friday deep cleaning the house and my head. So far, no little buggers! Now I am itchy just thinking about it.

School is going well for Scott. Drawing class is frustrating for him though. Drawing chairs and vases are a lot different then characters he has created. His other classes (Art History, Resources [using wood to create art], Dreaming and a computer program class) are going well. The grades are given based on student performance progress rather then tests and assignments. It is such a different learning environment then we both are used to.

Well I think that is enough for you to digest for now. Feel free to send an email, post a comment, write or call any time. We are planning our trip back in January and will post with the details soon.

In busy weeks

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