Wednesday, July 28

We have a change of address!!!!

We now officially have a change of address:

It had been a long long ordeal trying to get into a cheaper place, but finally we had had enough and decided we are destined to be at this location. Here on some pictures of the inside. And here is a map of its location in the district. If that means nothing to you, basically we are really close to Scott's school right across from the White House. The Dupont Circle area, our neighborhood, is very diverse and one of the safest in the city. Here is a link to an overview of the area.

We officially move in Friday, August 13. We will leave Lincoln either on Tuesday (10th) or Wednesday (11th), stopping in Waterloo for a night and some where between Chicago and DC for another night or two. We are loading the Scion, Dorthy as we call her, up with as much stuff as we can and shipping the rest via Greyhound. They give students a discounted rate and it is much cheaper then renting a U-Haul.

We are really getting excited to move and the reality of the whole thing is sinking in one box at a time. We know, as everyone keeps reminding us, that this will be such an adventure for us and we can't wait for it to begin. However, our 'to-do' list keeps looming over our heads. The biggest thing right now is taging everything for the garage sale.

We also need to find a new home for Lula our cat. She is so sweat and loving, when she wants to be, but we just can't take her with us. We would have to pay a $300 charge just to have her in our apartment. Plus get her licensed in DC, etc. I will post a picture of her here later, if you know of someone looking for an older (10 years+) cat please let them know that Lula would love them.

I think that is all for 'news'.

In packing boxes and taging items chaos.

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