Wednesday, April 14

The fruits of our labor...almost

Last week was 'get the garden tilled, poles in and chicken wire up' week and...we were pretty successful. There was some minor bruising, many trips to ACE and a few curse words but all-in-all the experience was good. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The garden is pretty big, 18'x14'. We had to till up the whole thing (and my 'we' I mean mostly Scott)! The previous tenant had a garden but it was under the tree in the back ground, not a good place. So...we transplanted some grass back there. I must say that our first transplant job is a success.

Blogger is making me pretty mad right now. First it wouldn't upload my photos and now it wont let me type between the photos. Oh well....

Anyway, the photos below show the stages of our week and then the FINAL PRODUCT!!!

We started seedlings inside a month ago and they are really taking off this week. I think I may even need to provide a stake for the baby tom's. We are proud parents.

In Muddy Shovels.

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