Wednesday, April 7

Feeling Like a Homemaker

So it was a pretty fun was also very windy. This posed problems for photography. In the photo above Scott had just told us to open our eyes and smile we did.

Here is a better one, but my eyes are slightly closed.

I love my grandma, she values family so much. I remember spending weeks at her home during the summer. They were filled with Mexican domino games, walks to Buffalo Gap and tractor rides.

Scott and I made some great granola bars last night. I got the recipe here. They are pretty easy to make and don't take that much time. Now we know exactly what we are eating when we grab a snack.

We hope to till tomorrow night, the the weather maker didn't read my weekly 'this week's plan' email I guess. The seedlings inside are really taking off, probably two inches tall now. In a way, I feel like they are my children. They are growing up so fast. I check them at night and when I wake; I am always so surprised how much they grew and even more delighted when another plant pushes through the dirt. I love gardening!

In Sunny Shadows.

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